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Pistachio Playground is an industrial design studio and online retailer based in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2019, with the aim of designing products to brighten your everyday lives. Pistachio specializes in whimsical and minimal designs. We see the design process as a game of "turning complicated problems into simple and * aesthetic * solutions".

In 2020, we launched our original house plant trellises that are made in our original whimsical designs and carefully manufactured using steel and commercial grade powder-coating finish. Our trellises are made to be durable and to last a lifetime. 

Our unique designs feature a broad range of styles and each one is designed with the the unique characteristics and needs of each types of house plants in mind. Our contemporary finishes fills a void in the market as house plants continue to grow as a mainstay in home interior designs.  

We aim to make house plants keeping * aesthetic * with designs that are as much fun as it is functional. 

Pistachio at Playground


Esther Chan, also known by her online alias Pistachio, is an Industrial Designer with experience in branded commercial furniture design for clients Google, Nike, Facebook, Twitter, partnered with some of the industry's best architectural firms like Rapt Studios, O+A. 

Esther was born and raised in Hong Kong, and moved to California as a teenager. She got her degree in Industrial Design at San Jose State University, and have worked at an industrial design consultancy on medical and electronic projects. 

“Pistachio” in Cantonese means "a happy nut”, because an opened pistachio resembles a big wide smile :) Therefore it is also a common nickname for someone who's always cheerful.

Founded by the love for great designs, and inspired by nature - designed by God,  the greatest designer of all time, Pistachio Playground is a happy place. 

Thank you for being here. 

Love & Blessings,